Zsa Zsa's Window Opens Slowly

by Inland Island

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released October 18, 2016

"Rake" music video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_HC1YIBf-k
"Witch" music video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=USxYnF6bQvU
"Family" music video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_uH9o26VfQ

Cassettes available through Egg Paper Factory:

Written, performed and recorded at home
by A. Rossignol-Tassonyi, May-July 2016.

Whistling on 'The Blue Hour' by Jyotsana Singh
'Csendes Élet' features an excerpt from a conversation between A., Judith Tassonyi and Ellen Belshaw from December 2015.

Cover art by A.

Mastered by Josh Boguski

Many thanks to Ellen, Jyotsana, Brandon, Jono, Nick, Bennett, Daniela, Egg Paper, Rory, friends and family.



all rights reserved


Inland Island Montréal, Québec

Inland Island is Avalon & friends.

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Track Name: Rake
Trying hard to work it out
Whisper it or scream and shout?
Make it up truthfully
Hide yourself in a tree
But when the branches break
Who will come to rake
All the bodies up
Like the one you had?
The one you had
Leave it on my window, I will see it there
Catch it like a minnow, when the water’s clear
Leave it on my window, safety isn’t fear
Catch it like a snowflake, watch it disappear
Into your hand
Track Name: Mistake Your Findings
You can go your own way
You can write a new herstory
You don’t have to get a surgery
You don’t need to be a certain way
Mistake you findings
You can walk away from anything
You can have another second chance
It’s okay to lose your balance
It’s okay when nothing’s happening
Mistake your findings
You are a doctor, you are well read
You have seen the oracle, for yourself yes
But what do you know about me?
We don’t need another earth
Track Name: Bran (Germ)
Aleurone, and pericarp
You’re not chaff, and hardly rancid
Sometimes I pee standing up
Sometimes I pee sitting down
Sometimes I can be your girlfriend
But I’ll never be your man
I smile, you smile, laying here
No one’s lying anywhere
These days it feels like I’m able to self-care
As long as I just east my bran
Is it possible to draw a picture without any lines
Or is that all one can do?
Maybe we are more than pictures
Maybe we are what the line always cuts through
I like to think that this is true
But the point is that it’s really up to you
Track Name: Family
Okay so here’s the deal
It’s not like I’m trying to get under anyone’s skin
I’m just saying how I feel
As a family, why do we watch so much damn tv?
There’s so much going on out front
And I don’t wanna stay another month
As a family, why do we talk so much about money?
When someone dies can’t we just dance
And not think about inheritance
And as a family, do we have to be from Calgary?
I’d never been there before
And I don’t need to go anymore
And as a family, could we be a bit more candidly?
And put the camera away
I’ll remember anyway
Track Name: Witch
Something I can’t quit
Makes me feel like shit
I don’t wanna admit
How I came to have it
I guess it’s a habit
Something I could let go of
I can’t be that witch
Doctor when I’m so sick
And I can’t help you, either way
Can’t be the one to lick your wounds, my tongue’s dry
And I can’t be you, every day
Slowly it gets healthier, now and then becomes
Something that I missed
While some others shined
But I’m so not pissed
Just a little behind
La vie ensemble, n’est pas content
Quand tout est binaire, ben transcender
Et la fenêtre, respire doucement
Il vous dit, “donc…”
Track Name: Csendes Élet
Grammy: És az Apám, my Father, Festetet aszt a kétt képet
Ellen: Your Dad Painted those?
Grammy: Mmhm… the two paintings. Mért Én mindig montam neki, I always said to him, “Miért mindig festesz fenképroll?” “Why do you… paint from photos?” Like this one was a photo and then he painted it… and… and he said… ”Nem tudom hogy mit festjek.” Nem tudom, I don’t know, hogy mit festjek, what I should paint. And then I said, “Én osze fogok neked teni kétt kép nek kétt csendélet” Two, I will put together two still life, and that’s what I did. Just very simple, and look what he did with it.
Ellen: Nice…
Grammy: He could really do it.
*Glass being tapped*
Arthur: How do you say still life?
Grammy: Still life… uh… in Hungarian? Um… I just said it…
*Ellen and Arthur laugh*
Grammy: Csend élet. Csend is quiet, or silent. Élet is life. So csend élet is still life, yea.
Arthur: Csendélet. That’s right? Csend élet…?
Grammy: Csendélet. You would have a good accent in Hungarian.
Track Name: The Blue Hour
When the morning light, glistens on my face
A reminder of today, I feel okay, you show up
With a fishing rod, you say let’s tackle this but I
Know that there’s a catch
Would you walk me home? No one ever does
They assume I am safe, but I’d feel a whole lot better
Knowing someone is there, in the blue hour
Before the sun comes up
At the party last night
Everyone was there
And I saw your spirit
Shine from behind your mask
And I didn’t fear it
I feel safe around you
Track Name: Talons Into Flesh
Sing me that song, that’s the one
I don’t want to feel this way
And tell me what’s wrong
Even though I can’t help you either way
But maybe if you empty, yourself
Of your words you might empty out your pain
And maybe if I listen
To your cadence then I may do the same
Sweet melody, cuts into me
As easily, as do talons into flesh
Track Name: Nocturnal One
I was just a little girl, my parents told me “son,
do not listen to the world, you can be anyone.”
And so I took that advice, surrendered to choice
But now that I’ve thought about it twice
I know there’s more than just a single voice, rising up
Can you hear what I can hear? What’s it saying now?
Heed these words, they could be yours, if you only allow it
‘Cause you don’t always have to fight, just brush your teeth tonight
There is nothing wrong with you,
There is nothing you can do, okay
Walking down the street, thinking
Am I this enough, am I that enough?
Am I cis enough, am I rich enough?
Am I cool enough and will I ever get rid of my old stuff?
‘Cause you can change some things, but not everything
You can’t change your skin, or how you’re feeling, now pick me up
‘Cause you can own, what you hone just do what you can
You got more than you need, don’t give into greed, give something away then
‘Cause you can’t always fight, just get some sleep tonight
There is nothing wrong with you
There is nothing you can do
Nocturnal one, rest easy
There is nothing wrong with you
Track Name: Zsa Zsa
Just sing the song, it’s okay
Zsa Zsa, Zsa Zsa, why’d you have to feel so flawed?
I thought, I thought, you were my better self
Na na, na na, I am her and she is me, straight up now
And I don’t want to disappear
I just want to let you know that
I’ve been on the run, for some time now
Away from the sun and so my shadow
Gets longer by the hour
Zsa Zsa, Zsa Zsa, why’d we have to wait so long?
Pilot, pilot, land this plane upon that rock
Na na, na na, leave this house, go to the street
It’s time now