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Grammy: És az Apám, my Father, Festetet aszt a kétt képet
Ellen: Your Dad Painted those?
Grammy: Mmhm… the two paintings. Mért Én mindig montam neki, I always said to him, “Miért mindig festesz fenképroll?” “Why do you… paint from photos?” Like this one was a photo and then he painted it… and… and he said… ”Nem tudom hogy mit festjek.” Nem tudom, I don’t know, hogy mit festjek, what I should paint. And then I said, “Én osze fogok neked teni kétt kép nek kétt csendélet” Two, I will put together two still life, and that’s what I did. Just very simple, and look what he did with it.
Ellen: Nice…
Grammy: He could really do it.
*Glass being tapped*
Arthur: How do you say still life?
Grammy: Still life… uh… in Hungarian? Um… I just said it…
*Ellen and Arthur laugh*
Grammy: Csend élet. Csend is quiet, or silent. Élet is life. So csend élet is still life, yea.
Arthur: Csendélet. That’s right? Csend élet…?
Grammy: Csendélet. You would have a good accent in Hungarian.


from Zsa Zsa's Window Opens Slowly, released October 18, 2016



all rights reserved


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